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About Us

Welcome to techpwrd; a tech recruitment consultancy based in London, UK, connecting global tech talent with remote/on-site roles and projects in the UK, Europe & USA,

Vetted talent are matched to roles via strong industry ties and tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Operating globally, we broaden horizons for all parties involvete.

Our Mission

At techpwrd, we empower developers worldwide to excel in the evolving tech landscape. 

We remove locational limits, connecting developers with lucrative roles and projects, both remotely and on-site.. 

We’re building a worldwide tech hub that encourages collaboration, embraces diversity, and uses technology for positive global change.

Our Services

For Clients - Companies

Are you a startup  or established company with remote/on-site roles and/or projects available? If so, click to schedule a call with us below.

Competitively Priced Developers

With a growing team of skilled developers across a variety of coding languages in several countries, we can provide cost-effective solutions up to 15% below market rate.

Remote Work Strategies

Tap into global talent, empower flexibility, reduce costs, ensure continuity, embrace technology, and achieve success. Elevate your business with our personalized solutions

Global Networking

Through opening your working eco-system to developers around the world, you open the doors to different markets worldwide that offer chance for growth, new business and new connections.

Remote/On-Site Role & Project Fulfilment

Require help with building or completing a project? Whatever the task at hand, feel free to contact us with more details and we can draw up a plan of action.

For Developers & Agencies

Our Services

For Developers & Agencies

Are you a developer or agency seeking remote/on-site  roles and/or projects? If so, click to schedule a call with us below,

CV/Resume Refining & Interview Preparation

We refine your resume to ensure better chances of acquiring roles within the UK & Europe. We also assist you with key criteria to excelling the interview stage and conveying your skill and potential.

Learning Resources

We offer learning resources and expert guidance, aligning talents with western market demands.
Stay ahead in the tech industry with targeted training.

Referral Earning

Earn rewards by referring talented developers to techpwrd.
Join our Developer Referral Scheme, connect top tech talent, and unlock exciting incentives.

Remote/On-Site Role&Project Access

We match your skills to rewarding roles and exciting projects.
Our dedicated support and guidance ensure your career growth knows no bounds.
Embrace the future of work with us.

Partners & Projects

Our growing portfolio of partners and projects display our credibility, skill and ability to find the best solutions.